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Fast, effective and proven with thousands of horses in the UK.

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About Us

We are here to help with a problem that all loving horse owners face: worming.

Our lab kits are simple and equi-lab offers a quick, personal efficient and low cost service to complement your own worm control programme.

Contact Maggie for more information or a friendly chat before you purchase.

What We Do

Equi-Lab Kits

Faecal Worm Egg Counts (FWECs) enable horse owners to complement their worming programme.

Benefits from having regular FECs:

  • Monitors the Efficiency of your Worming Programme
  • Minimises the risk of Resistance
  • Helps Protect Existing Medicines
  • Cost Effective

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Equi-Sal Kits

Saliva test for Tapeworm in Horses. The test measures antibodies in saliva which are specific to Tapeworm.

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“It was so quick and I even got a phone call from Maggie as soon as the results came in to answer any questions I had. Top service, would recommend.”

Let’s Worm That Horse!

You can purchase our kits directly by contacting Maggie. Let’s take the best possible care of your horse.