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equi-lab - 1 Horse Test Kit

equi-lab - 2 Horse Test Kit

These kits are available in selected equestrian stores.

You can also purchase our kits direct by contacting Maggie on 01326 379026
or mobile 07973532882



Cury Cross Lanes


TR12 7AY

We are able to help
with any questions regarding worming, the administration of worming products, horse and pasture management. We offer a postal service please ring for more details.

equi-Lab offers a quick, personal efficient and low cost service to complement your own worm control programme.

Contact Maggie for more information or a friendly chat before you purchase.

Equi-Sal Kits

Saliva test for Tapeworm in Horses. The test measures antibodies in saliva which are specific to Tapeworm.

The sample is sent in a pre-paid envelope, direct to Austin Davies Biologics.

We can supply these kits at £17.50 per kit.

If you purchase the kits from us, the laboratory email us and we then call you with the results.

Full details provided in the kit.


Horse Worm Counts